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The Second Chapter is Coming in ‘Classic Alice: Book Two’

Kate Hackett Prod and AntiKaiser successfully raise over $9500 in crowdfunding contributions to create a second season of ‘Classic Alice’, which will adapt literary classic Pygmalion.


BURBANK (April 18, 2014) — The fans of ‘Classic Alice’ have not just spoken, but they have taken action and helped ensure a second season of the series will take place. Following a thirty-day Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that ended last night at 10:00pm PT, 257 fans backed the second season with over $9,500 in contributions—which is 119% of the series’ $8,000 goal. Writing on the new season will begin shortly.

“This entire experience was amazing and such a huge whirlwind ride,” said series creator and star Kate Hackett. “Not only did we get to join an online community, but they supported us. They met us, online, and we got to joke around with them and share stories from set. I’m utterly floored by how supportive, thoughtful, and loving everyone has been. I feel like we didn’t just make a webseries; I feel like we made some friends.”

The series director, J. D. Compton, shared similar sentiments. “I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our family, friends, and fans for our little webseries. It’s been an honor to discover and connect with our fans these past few weeks. You guys and gals are top aces! I can’t wait to get back on set and create the next chapter of Alice’s adventures to share with all of you.”

During the campaign, backers were treated to the information that the source material for ‘Classic Alice: Book Two’ would be George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, published in 1912. In addition to Pygmalion, there will be a fan-selected work that will be incorporated, the result of a claimed Kickstarter perk in which the backer would get to choose one of the series’ future literary works to adapt.

“I can’t wait to get started on Book Two” said Hackett. “I already have tons of ideas and am mapping them out. I also cannot wait to see what fan-picked book we get to do. I love having people so involved and excited to participate—it makes me excited!”

“All of us are really excited to be able to keep moving ‘Classic Alice’ forward,” stated Aaron Matthew Kaiser, executive producer. “I am proud of our team that brought us to this point and I am grateful to our fans who have carried us through the goal line. With any luck, we’ll be able to keep making book after book of this wonderful show.”

‘Classic Alice: Book One’ streams for free through the show YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/ClassicAliceSeries) and the show’s official website (http://classic-alice.com). The second season—referred to internally as a ‘book’—is slated for release sometime in Summer 2014. A vlog-style webseries set at the fictitious New England college, Valeton University, the story centers around title character (Alice) who decides to film a documentary about living life according to classic literature after receiving a bad grade on an essay. It stars Hackett as Alice Rackham and Tony Noto as Andrew Prichard.

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