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APRIL FOOLS: ‘Classic Alice’ Selects ‘Goodnight Moon’ for Book Two

AntiKaiser and Kate Hackett announced today the title selected for integration into ‘Classic Alice: Book Two’ as children’s classic ‘Goodnight Moon’

BURBANK (April 1, 2014) — Having tackled the darkness of Crime & Punishment in ‘Classic Alice: Book One’, the dorky character of Alice Rackham will now shift gears to something lighter for Book Two. Kate Hackett Productions and AntiKaiser announced this afternoon that the subject of their next season will be the children’s literary classic, ‘Goodnight Moon’, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.

Watch the video announcement here:

“While this isn’t technically a public domain title,” explained Aaron Matthew Kaiser, executive producer. “We couldn’t resist. After seeing Alice go to such a dark place in Book One, we wanted something more peaceful. And there’s nothing more peaceful than saying goodnight to the moon and falling gently to sleep for the night.”

“We’re really excited to get to cast the old woman whispering hush—she’s such a crucial character and adding some age dynamic to the show is so exciting!” added Kate Hackett, series writer/creator. “I think the role of the red balloon is going to be really difficult, but I have great confidence that Tony Noto, aka Andrew Prichard, will deliver.”

Hackett, as Alice, will be filling the role of the small rabbit being tucked in and has already begun working on her motivation in what is commonly known as “Method Acting.”

“After reading an early draft of the script, and getting just the most phenomenal nap in, I’m happy to report that Kate has truly captured the essence of this book.” said series director J. D. Compton. “I’m excited for the opportunity to bring new life to a beloved story from my own childhood and to explore how Alice will grapple with the complex issue of learning to say farewell to rhyming inanimate objects. I’m also thrilled at the prospect of opening up our audience-base to include children and insomniacs.”

‘Classic Alice: Book One’ streams for free through the show YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/ClassicAliceSeries) and the show’s official website (http://classic-alice.com). New episodes are released every Tuesday at 9:00 AM PT through April 8th. The first season—referred to internally as a ‘book’—is comprised of six episodes. A vlog-style webseries set at the fictitious New England college, Valeton University, the story centers around title character (Alice) who decides to film a documentary about living life according to classic literature after receiving a bad grade on an essay. It stars Hackett as Alice Rackham and Tony Noto as Andrew Prichard.

A crowdfunding campaign is currently underway to fund ‘Classic Alice: Book Two’ and additional seasons. The campaign is located at http://kck.st/1mhe98w

About Kate Hackett Productions

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NOTE: The preceding press release was an April Fools Joke. Hope you enjoyed it! -AntiKaiser