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‘Classic Alice’ Launch Leads to YouTube Deals

AntiKaiser and Kate Hackett both sign agreements with RPM Network, a division of Maker Studios, to include ‘Classic Alice’ and other channels.

BURBANK (March 13, 2014) — The dorky character of Alice Rackham has taken no time in making an impression. Starting off a strong first week of building an audience from scratch, AntiKaiser and Kate Hackett Productions both announced this week that they have signed simultaneous agreements to join Maker Studios’ RPM Network. Crediting their new series ‘Classic Alice’ with the move, they join other Maker Studios partners that generate a combined 5.5 billion video views a month globally.

“This is an amazing opportunity to join the Maker family,” said Aaron Matthew Kaiser, CEO of AntiKaiser. “This partnership will open up several doors for our projects. From promotion and potential branding deals to collaborating with other Maker partners, some of which are the top talent in the digital space.”

AntiKaiser has signed up both channels they manage: their corporate channel for scripted content and Kaiser’s personal channel where he post video blogs. Hackett’s deal also covers two channels: her personal channel—where her highly-viewed webseries ‘Kate and Joe Just Want to Have Sex’ played—and the dedicated ‘Classic Alice’ channel. Neither deal provides funding from Maker Studios and only covers content distributed on the included YouTube channels.

“Having access to Maker’s team and facilities is really going to help us out with all sides of the show and help us grow into even more content,” Hackett said. “We’re excited to have a place and a support network behind us.”

‘Classic Alice: Book One’, which launched on March 4th, will continue to stream for free through the show YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/ClassicAliceSeries) or the show’s official website (http://classic-alice.com). New episodes will be released every Tuesday at 9:00 AM PT through April 8th. The first season—referred to internally as a ‘book’—is comprised of six episodes. A vlog-style webseries set at the fictitious New England college, Valeton University, the story centers around title character (Alice) who decides to film a documentary about living life according to classic literature after receiving a bad grade on an essay. It stars Hackett as Alice Rackham and Tony Noto as Andrew Prichard.

About AntiKaiser

AntiKaiser, Inc. is an independent development company for the entertainment marketplace. Its primary focus is the creation, ownership, and licensing of unique intellectual properties across all available platforms with a mastery in film, television, anime, and digital publishing. Founded in 1998, AntiKaiser incorporated in 2012 and has corporate headquarters in Burbank, CA.

For more information, please visit http://antikaiser.com

About Kate Hackett Productions

Kate Hackett Productions is the production company Kate started when SAG demanded she have a production company name while filing paperwork. To date, it has produced several shorts on Funny or Die, YouTube shorts, a web series, and even a music video. Kate writes and produces not only her own projects, but others’ as well.

For more information, please visit http://katehackett.com

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