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Indie Intertube Reviews GONE: The Series

The pilot episode of AntiKaiser’s GONE: The Series has received its first official review. On Wednesday, March 16th, Indie Intertube, a weekly podcast dedicated to independent internet television and original web content, reviewed all thirteen pilots participating in the Celebrate the Web “Raising the Bar” festival. The podcast, which runs for two hours every week at 4pm PST, began discussing GONE at the 31-minute mark.

“Let’s pick one of the ones we really liked. Let’s go with GONE: The Series.”

The review of GONE lasted a couple of minutes with all positive feedback. An excerpt of the broadcast is embedded below.

Several of the comments complimented the acting, especially that of lead Frank Krueger (the role of Dean Jeffries), the music, and the setup, alongside excitement for seeing “Indie Intertube’s most lovable geek”, Maxwell Glick. The following quote, however, is likely the most important feedback:

“It was very believable and I was completely invested when it was over. I want episode 2. We liked it a lot. I would say that GONE: The Series is one of our favorites and, most definitely, that show should be made—even if it doesn’t win this contest. I will be really pissed if we don’t find out what the hell happened.”

Indie Intertube also mentioned that, in their opinion, GONE did the best job of incorporating the William Gibson quote, “Time moves in one direction, memory in another.” To listen to the review, please find an embedded excerpt above, or you can listen to the entire episode at BlogTalkRadio.com

The pilot can be viewed at http://gone.blip.tv and interested parties can become a fan of the series on Facebook at http://facebook.com/GONEtheSeries