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AntiKaiser Applies for Ford Fiesta Movement

AntiKaiser released “Aaron Matthew Kaiser and the Ford Fiesta Movement, Chapter 2” yesterday as it’s official application into the massive social media program of which it shares it’s name.

The first Fiesta Movement, designed to promote the new 2011 Ford Fiesta virally, selected 100 YouTube personalities—dubbed “Fiesta Agents”—and gave them their own Fiesta for six months. Each agent had six missions to accomplish and video blog about. The tagline was “100 Agents. 6 Months. 600 Missions.” According to Ford, the first movement was a major success.

“Fiesta Movement agents have traveled more than 1.4 million miles and have generated more than 6 million YouTube views, nearly 740,000 Flickr views and more than 3.7 million Twitter impressions.”

Since the first Fiesta Movement was such a success, Ford has unveiled “Chapter 2”, but with a slightly different twist. According to their website:

“In anticipation of the Fiesta’s US launch, for the next chapter of the Fiesta Movement we’re handing over creative direction for the all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta’s advertising and promotion to our fans. You’ll need a creative vision and passion for the Fiesta. We’ll provide the public spaces and help connect you to local creative talent. Together, we’ll bring your ideas to life.”

Based on his previous track record with the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” Competition, AntiKaiser’s Aaron Matthew Kaiser decided to apply. He selected Lindsey Caldwell as his team partner and wove their resumes into a 7-minute narrative storyline that provides their background in an entertaining way. The film can be seen below or on the AntiKaiser YouTube channel.