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AntiKaiser Productions Reveals Artwork for “Dr. von Kaiser”


SAN DIEGO (July 11, 2007) — Speaking on an animation panel last night at the July meeting of San Diego Filmmakers, AntiKaiser Productions revealed conceptual artwork for their upcoming animated series, “Dr. von Kaiser.” Eight unique drawings were presented, two each of four characters: Dr. von Kaiser, his frog-like Minions, Dr. Nemesis, and Dr. Sapphire.

On the panel, AntiKaiser Productions was represented by Aaron Matthew Kaiser (Producer), Taylor Richards (Lead Animator), and David Lee (Background Artist). They were joined by 3D animators Sam Chen and Rob Cozzens, who were each promoting their own projects.

In addition to character designs, AntiKaiser Productions also presented production storyboards and illustrated their background selection process by placing artwork of Dr. von Kaiser on various background styles, from two-dimensional toon-shading to realistic three-dimensional texturing and a couple of steps in-between. “We’re leaning towards placing the two-dimensional characters on a three-dimensional, cell-shaded background,” said Lee. “That style really seems to fit the ‘Dr. von Kaiser’ universe.”

Kaiser expanded by saying, “One of the reasons we are looking at going this route is because it will save us time and money in the long run. Granted there is some additional setup time to complete the modeling, but once Dr. von Kaiser’s lab is created, it is done and we just plug it into the scene and move onto the next set piece.”

The audience response to the characters appeared positive, with several outbursts of laughter as they were revealed. Pia Thrasher, a local actress and one of the attendees, stated, “I made sure to come tonight just to see the artwork for ‘Dr. von Kaiser’.”

“San Diego Filmmakers attendees have been hearing about this project for months and we felt it was time to give people a glimpse into what Dr. von Kaiser looks like,” said Kaiser. “With this artwork released, we can increase our viral marketing efforts and keep the buzz about the project going until a distribution deal can be secured.” Kaiser also revealed details about the characters, most notably the fact that Dr. von Kaiser speaks with a German accent, Dr. Nemesis speaks with a British accent, and the seductive Dr. Sapphire speaks with a Russian accent. “The minions,” he added, “are Dr. von Kaiser’s worthless ‘helpers’ that he creates from a machine in the lab. One of the running gags is that they are constantly being killed off in unique and comedic ways.”

A redesign of www.whoisdvk.com is planned for later this week and is intended to take advantage of the artwork unveiled during the meeting, which will also be released on the MySpace pages of each of the three main characters at the same time.

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